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New Deportation Enforcement Policies

Holly Wilcox

President Trump has had his fair share of controversies in his first month in office, but arguably the most talked about issue of his administration so far is immigration.  

This continued on Monday when the Department of Homeland Security issued two policy memos on "Protecting the Homeland."  These memos describe how President Trump's immigration policy will be implemented.  You may remember that President Trump issued three Executive Orders back in January regarding immigration and border security.  One of these orders was the controversial "Muslim Ban", but two of the orders discussed border security at the US/Mexico border and deportation of undocumented immigrants present in the United States.  

The Department of Homeland Security is tasked with carrying out these new immigration policies.  You can read their memos, as well as the underlying executive orders, by clicking here.   

I wanted to write a blog post explaining these memos, but instead decided to post this wonderful podcast dedicated to this issue.  "The Daily" is a New York Times podcast giving a 15-20 minute summary of the news of the day.  Their episode today focuses on the potential for detention and removal of undocumented immigrants in the aftermath of these memos.  The first half of this podcast is particularly useful, and concisely summarizes the key points.  Take a listen below: 

The key takeaway here is that anyone who is undocumented (with the limited exception of those individuals who have DACA status) is now considered an enforcement priority and could be removed from the United States at any time, regardless of whether they have committed a crime.  

This is a scary time for immigrants, as well as United States citizens who know and love their immigrant friends.  If you have questions about any of the recent memos, or would like to discuss how to prepare yourself and your family in case you are subject to removal, feel free to contact my office.  

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